Grading Policies and Procedures


There will be eight weekly problem sets. Problem sets will not be assigned during the week of the mid-term or the final. Problem sets will be distributed on the course website (this website) and they will be collected through Canvas.

In assigning your overall homework grade, the lowest score will be dropped (except for zero grades given for plagiarism).

Late Work

Late work will be penalized 20% per calendar day late. Homework will be considered late once the grading script has been run, which will happen some time after 11:59:59PM PDT of the due date.

You Have One Challenge Flag

If you feel the grading script or the course instructors have made a mistake in grading your assignment, you may request that it be regraded. You may request a re-grade of one assignment (inclusive of the exams) in the course. If there was indeed a mistake made, you will be allowed one additional challenge flag (request for re-grading). Requests for regrading must be submitted by email within two weeks after the assignment in question has been graded.

Grace Days

Life happens — and sometimes you will have conflicts with assignment due dates. Rather than asking for exceptions in these cases, every student will have a total of four (4) grace days that can be used for late assignments. When you use a grace day, your assignment will not be counted as late for that day. Grace days can only be used in whole days. Any fraction of a day that your assignment is late will count as that whole day.


There will be one mid-term and one final exam. Both will be take-home. Except under exceptional circumstances, you cannot use grace days for the exams (nor will late exams be accepted).

Grade Calculation

Your raw score will be weighted: homework 60%, mid-term exam: 20%, final exam: 20%. Your 4.0 grade will be calculated on a linear scale, as shown in the following figure.