Course Collaboration


Discussions about course related topics, including questions and answers to clarify homework problems, should be carried out on the course Piazza “gathering place”. The scope of discussions on Piazza should be fairly broad (but at least plausibly course-related, please). If you have discovered a new and valuable on-line resource, post it.

Questions and Answers

To encourage use of these bulletin boards as a means for class-wide discussion about the course, if you email the instructors with a question about the course, your question will first be posted to Piazza (you may request that your name be withheld from the repost). Any student in the course may answer any question once it is posted. After sufficient time has elapsed and the question is not answered by another member of the class, an instructor may step in and post the answer. You are strongly encouraged to use this medium and to post your questions there initially (as opposed to emailing it to the instructor) so that other members of the class can participate.

Monitoring Piazza

As mentioned elsewhere, to give you maximum time to complete your assignments, problem sets are due at 11:59 PM. You should not expect that instructors will be monitoring Piazza after 9:00PM on the day an assignment is due (or on any other day).


You may not post answers to any homework questions, nor may you post any source code at all to Piazza. You may not discuss exam questions in any way until after the exam.

You must always be respectful when you post to Piazza. Any student who becomes abusive will be warned and if the behavior continues will have their access to Piazza limited (up to and including no access at all).