Course Errata

This page lists errata found in the course materials of AMATH 483/583. If you find a new error, post it to piazza. The course staff will attempt to fix as many as possible as they are posted, but you should also check here to make corrections to any documents that you may have had prior to the fixes being applied.

Lectures and Lecture Slides

  • Lecture 4, Slide 50: The definition of num_rows() omitted the return type. The correct definition for num_rows() should be

    size_t Vector::num_rows() const {
      return num_rows_;

Course Notes

Homework Assignments

  • PS 5 (Part I): The call to sort should be

    std::sort(&w(0), &w(0)+w.num_rows());

    The original text showed v(0) for the second argument.